When a power company decides to close its nuclear power plant permanently, the facility must be decommissioned by safely removing it from service and reducing residual radioactivity to a level that permits release of the property and termination of the operating license. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has strict rules governing nuclear power plant decommissioning, involving cleanup of radioactively contaminated plant systems and structures and removal of the radioactive fuel. These requirements protect workers and the public during the entire decommissioning process and the public after the license is terminated.

The management of NewRoads Environmental completed the abatement of all asbestos containing materials as part of the first decommissioning /demolition of an atomic power plant in the United States. The abatement of the asbestos containing material was completed over a seven-month period during the “cold and dark” phase of the plant decommissioning. Over 2,000 cubic yards of cross contaminated materials were removed, properly packaged and transported from the project site. NRE continues to provide services to the nuclear power industry during schedule plant shut downs. NRE has the experience and knowledge to provide our services during these scheduled shutdowns within the shortened time frame typically associated with this type of work.

NewRoads also provides radiological decontamination services for our manufacturing clients. This process involves strict adherence with the radiological survey and proper personal protective equipment to properly decontaminate the site to allow for further expansion or asset recovery.